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2010 company annual travel


From July 9 to 12, our company had a very wonderful trip in Hainan province of China. We visited the Boao Forum, Xinglong Tropical Plants Garden, Nanshan Temple, Monkey Island, Yalong Bay, Western Island and Nanshan Tianyahaijiao. We tasted the fresh coconut juice, great tropical fruits and fresh seafoods. WOW!! Hainan province is a tropical international tourist place. It enjoys clean seawater, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine and is rich in natural tropical scenery and historical sites. Sanya city of Hainan province stands the latitude between 18°09 and 18°37, almost the same as Hawaii. Thus, it's often called "the Hawaii of China" or "Orient Hawaii".

Let's share this sweet memory and keep it in the mind till our trip next year! See you!